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Measure What Matters

Intelligent Data Analytics equals timely

and relevant intelligence on demand

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Creating a culture of Oneness

One source of integrated data

Self-service reporting

Machine learning

One aligned set of objectives

One version of the truth

Dynamic visualization

Event triggers & alerts

Statistical analysis

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Empowering Physicians

to do More with Less

Working with Providers towards improved

Chronic Disease Analysis and

Quality Performance Measurement

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Isn't it time your Workflow management

turned into more Flow and less Work?

Design your own workflow process and measure

any waypoint you choose - in days and dollars

Self Service Data Analytics Means

Discovery on Your Own Terms

A single stack solution that drives

innovation at any scale

Combined databases

Leverage the investment you’ve already made in data infrastructure. Praedx’s aggregation toolkit make it simple to connect to virtually any data source.

Combine information from as many places as you like, giving it context, depth and more meaning than ever before. You can also do it by yourself!

Praedx lets you look at all of your data in one place. Finally, a way to Measure What Matters.

Data Visualization

The first step towards creativity is having the freedom to explore without boundaries.

Praedx’s democratized  data analytics and reporting capabilities give you maximum scope to design, build and share your own interactive masterpieces, regardless of whether it’s an exercise in “what if”, seeking outliers or correlations, building a series of alerts, or just following a transaction all the way to its source.

Predictive Analytics

Built in analytic functions include Statistics (distribution analysis, correlation, variance), Predictive modeling (linear and multivariate regression, logistic regression) and more.

By integrating these statistical measures with your own user-designed forward-facing alerts, Praedx lets you prepare for what’s ahead of you, instead of trying to make sense of what’s already happened.

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